Hope, 2017 
– Part of the Harmony series –
This compilation shows the » Hope « part of the Harmony series that spawned from an impressionistic impetus. The series was motivated by the wish to document things, pattern, people, and animals that resonated with me in some way or another. May it that they triggered a strong emotional reaction like happiness or anger, since they facilitated links between historical events, or simply because I considered them beautiful. Following this, I sorted the images to reflect my sensations and associations during the moment of their documentation. Consequently, they are a manifested map of the feelings and thoughts I encountered while wandering the world. Such a map allows to discover broader patterns which would be otherwise buried beneath the countless emotional and sensual responses in life. To conclude, the title Harmony refers to the instance that similar, harmonious events that were previously disjunct (in time and place) were merged again in an artistic process.