Isolation, 2018 
– Part of the Intimacy series –

Intuitive, intimate impulses are a stable, universal condition to the human. Nevertheless, conflicting ideological formations and social pressure lead people to suppress their emotions and needs. For example is the confident expression of behaviour that strives from norms (e.g., same-sex love) still significantly problematised. People are consequently detached from their erotic stimuli, looked-for (temporary) sexual unions, and so on, essentially, they become isolated from themselves. Still images from a magnetic tape recording were chosen to mirror this dire occurrence and the moods that accompany such an experience. The selected capture method results in a blurry, gloomy, low resolution perceptions that lacks clarity and confidence, replicating the mixed, sometimes juxtaposed qualities sexual desires create once they are partly alienated. Sensations become hazy, dark, surreal, unbalanced, shameful, yet, retain a character of completeness, immediacy and fascination – one is still close to one's desires, but, at the same time so far from them as they are socially displaced.