Lights, 2020 

One can get easily lost in the darkness of this world. A lack of predetermined purposes and motives in life paired with wishes and needs that can be hardly synthesised, induce a void without direction and meaning. Melancholy, lostness and depression might subsequently result. The portrayed images attempt to convey this specific feeling, but also aim to capture the lights in the distance that may provide some orientation to us. These lights are however always rare, faint, scattered and often non-existing — just like their metaphysical representations of sense, relation, hope, companionship, ontological security and so forth. And sometimes, the shimmering and gleaming dots on the horizon are exposed as ghost lights that led us to a rogue place. Hence, instead of being a clear sign for relieve and guidance, they always remain in the limbo between assurance and wariness, reflecting the state of existence per se.

» Lights « was co-created with Alexandre & Josephine