Structures, 2017 

We are constantly surrounded in our mundane life by physical patterns and structures. They are in fact so ubiquitous that we tend to ignore them, yet, once framed and depicted, they are revealed to be pleasant and impactful. And even more importantly, they offer a visual gateway, a reminder for the underlying norms, convention, institutions, and informal rules that structure societies, hence, indirectly steer collective and individual behaviour – a stance shaped by Michel Foucault's concept of 'governmentality'. In turn, this can foster a process in which we can question those taken-for-granted social configurations and the channels that relay authoritarian messages of conduct. To ask, for example, why national borders pose such substantial barriers to people's freedom of movement, or to probe why we still force unwanted gender roles onto people. Thus, it provides a tool to remove or realign the social strings attached to every individual and which hinder mental freedom, and thereby impede self-actualisation.