Transit, 2017 

Born from the experience of being on the move, of being in between two distinct places or/and emotional boundaries, these images explore the fluidity and lability of human existence and reality. The work makes the following argument: people often ignore the importance a state of limbo, by viewing it more or less as wasted or unwelcome periods or movements that are only required in order to transgress into a novel realm, either mentally or physically. Yet, contrary to this logic, transitional moments are a valuable assest. They invite us to reflect in situation were we are the most vulnerable to ourselves. Our ontological security briefly collapses, and with it, our fragile internal compasses and identities that inform our worldview. Hence, in these states we are equipped with an extraordinary potential to explore and feel us in new, peculiar ways. Furthermore, a suggestion is imposed by the images, namely, that some of our (socially induced) destinations solely exist as vehicles to motivate us, to keep us going in a set direction. Because once we reach them, they often materialise as empty shells of melancholy and dreams that were never desired or meant to be reached in the first place.